Senior Seafood Campaign Coordinator

Organizational Background

Global Labor Justice- International Labor Rights Forum (GLJ-ILRF) brings strategic capacity to cross-sectoral work on global value chains, capital markets, and labor migration corridors. GLJ-ILRF holds global corporations accountable for labor rights violations in their supply chains, advances policies and laws that protect decent work and just migration, and strengthens freedom of association, new forms of bargaining, and worker organizations. GLJ-ILRF has a team of 20 staff people based in our Washington DC office and around the world.

Position Summary

The Senior Seafood Campaign Coordinator will be responsible for supporting GLJ-ILRF’s work to strengthen partner labor unions and worker organizations, ensure corporate and government accountability, and that labor and human rights are protected in seafood supply chains.  This includes coordination with campaign and field partners to develop and implement research, campaign, and advocacy strategies.  The Seafood Campaign Coordinator will work as part of the GLJ-ILRF seafood program team, including organizers, campaigners, and legal, policy, communications, and research staff. 

The Senior Seafood Campaign Coordinator will also be responsible for coordinating the Seafood Working Group (SWG), its subgroups,  and its advisory board.  The Seafood Working Group is a global coalition of labor, human, and environmental rights organizations dedicated to from more than a dozen countries that work together to develop and advocate for effective government policies and industry actions to end the related problems of labor exploitation, illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, and overfishing in the international seafood trade, and its advisory board. 

Key Responsibilities

The Senior Seafood Campaign Coordinator will bring a labor and civil society lens on the seafood sector in Southeast and East Asia to coalition building, advocacy planning, and collaboration with partner organizations.  Responsibilities include the following:

Coordinating the Seafood Working Group and Advisory Board 

  • Coordinate the Seafood Working Group, its sub-working groups, and its advisory board in the development and implementation of coordinated plans to advance the program. 
  • Develop and facilitate the advocacy agenda to move agreed-upon priorities with working group members and the advisory board.·    
  • Convene individual coalition partners and the collective table on a regular basis and facilitate discussions, decision-making, and other critical work.
  • Coordinate strategies to maximize the priorities, resources, and effectiveness of all partners.
  • Recognize and capitalize on immediate political opportunities while also staying focused on long-term strategic priorities.
  • Sustain existing members and cultivate new members for the coalition, advisory, and subgroup membership and engagement. 
  • Facilitate a collaborative and productive coalition environment that advances equitable participation. 
  • Ensure effective information sharing among coalition participants and stakeholders, including frontline partners.
  • Implement systems for ongoing evaluation of strategy effectiveness.

Coordinating the Seafood Working Group and Advisory Board 

  • Identify and engage strategic allies in Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, U.S., and EU to support current and future seafood GLJ-ILRF campaigns to concretely improve seafood sector working conditions and application of international labor standards. 
  • Coordinate with GLJ-ILRF staff and partners on rapid response to retaliation against workers and partner organizations. 
  • Work with the seafood program team to:
    • Identify and engage strategic allies in Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, U.S. and EU to support current and future seafood GLJ-ILRF campaigns to concretely improve seafood sector working conditions and application of international labor standards.
    • Develop and maintain city-based allies along Seafood Expo Cities, including Boston, Barcelona, and Singapore.
  • Facilitate campaign delegations, including travel and program.

Coordinating the Seafood Working Group and Advisory Board 

  • Work with other lawyers, researchers, and organizers on the seafood program team to identify and implement advocacy strategies for seafood program campaigns and the seafood working group. 
  • Produce specific, high-quality written documents (letters, briefs, public statements, and/or reports) and support coalition and campaign partners in their contributions. 
  • Align campaign partners towards effective strategies to advance international labor standards, including freedom of association and organizing rights. 
  • Advance campaign and advocacy goals with labor, civil society, and industry stakeholders.
  • Represent the organization in policy and advocacy meetings related to the sector.  
  • Build alignment with sister coalitions and issues, including Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing (IUU), migration justice, conservation, just transition, and others.


The Senior Seafood Campaign Coordinator will be an independent and innovative worker with strong communication and writing skills, knowledge about labor and human rights, campaigning, research and advocacy, and excellent judgment, and the ability to work well with a diverse group of stakeholders.  The ideal candidate will have Southeast Asia regional expertise, including relevant language skills, along with strong research, writing, communication, and coalition-building skills.

Strong Candidates will have:

  • A graduate degree with a focus on labor studies, human rights, corporate accountability, or regional studies or commensurate work experience.  
  • Senior experience coordinating a diverse coalition, including labor and civil society groups, towards shared advocacy with specific, measurable wins.
  • Concrete experience moving a coalition through consultations, planning, implementation, and evaluation.      
  • Ability to produce high-quality written work products in English on a fast turnaround.
  • Excellent oral presentation skills representing the coalition and its members.  
  • Strong organizational skills to manage multiple projects and work streams with teams and partners on deadlines. 
  • Deep commitment to work that advances just migration and decent work on behalf of low-wage workers, immigrant communities, and other communities of color. 
  • Sense of humor in order to maintain perspective and balance.
  • Bilingual, bicultural experience is a plus. 
  • Knowledge and experience with digital advocacy, including social media, is a plus. 
  • Experience in strategic research, policy advocacy, and use of corporate and government accountability tools is a plus.  
  • Permission for employment in the country where you reside and ability to travel  (mostly in the region) as the work requires. 

Salary Range: The salary range for this position is anticipated to be between $63,000 and $71,000 USD, equivalent in local currency for an applicant based in Southeast Asia, depending on the country.  GLJ-ILRF’s salary system takes into account cost-of-living variances based on country.  GLJ-IRLF provides benefits that are what U.S.-based employees receive or what is required by national law in the employee’s location, whichever is higher.

Supervisor: Seafood Program Director

Location: Applicants based in East or Southeast Asia are preferred.

GLJ- ILRF is an equal opportunity employer and actively recruits women, people of color, persons with disabilities, and persons with diverse gender and sexual identities. This description does not constitute an employment contract, implied or otherwise. GLJ-ILRF’s employees are members of IFPTE Local 70 Bargaining Unit.