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United Kingdom

Female workers at H&M supplier in India allege widespread sexual violence

The Guardian — March 9, 2021

Worker at H&M supply factory was killed after months of harassment, claims family

The Guardian — February 1, 2021

Pandemic or not, ‘sustainable’ fashion brands are still ignoring the exploitation of thousands of garment workers

The Independent — June 2020

Protecting Workers’ Rights Is Harder Than Ever in a Pandemic

Business of Fashion — April 15th, 2020

Why Do We Still Know So Little About How Our Clothes Are Made?

British Vogue —  December 8th, 2019

#MeToo Bangladesh: the textile workers uniting against harassment

The Guardian — September 10th, 2019

H&M Called Out for Dubious Sustainability Marketing

Fashion United — June 19th, 2019

New guidelines target GBVH in garment sector

Apparel Insider — June 13th, 2019

Big Brands: The Missing Voice in the Fight to End Gender-Based Violence at Work

Open Democracy — June 22nd, 2018

Sexual Harassment at Walmart’s Stores and Suppliers in China

Open Democracy — June 13th, 2018

GLJ Hails ‘Historic Time’ for Female Garment Workers

EcoTextile News — June 8th, 2018

Gap and H&M Factory Workers Face Daily Abuse, Fur Opposition in China

The Business of Fashion — June 6th, 2018

H&M, Gap to probe violence and sex abuse in Asian factories

Fashion Network — June 6th, 2018

Gap and H&M vow to investigate alleged supply chain abuse

EcoTextile News — June 6th, 2018

Abuse is Daily Reality for Female Garment Workers for Gap and H&M, Says Report

The Guardian — June 5th, 2018

Gender-Based Violence Alleged in Gap, H&M Supply Chains

EcoTextile News — June 1st, 2018

Gender-Based Violence Uncovered in H&M’s and Gap’s Supply Chains

Fashion United — June 1st, 2018

Brands Under Fire for Gender-Based Violence in Asia Factories

Just Style — June 1st, 2018

“Daily” Abuse Against Women Found at Walmart Suppliers

Apparel Insider — May 27th, 2018