The Garment Me Too campaign is a transformative vision of work that centers the dignity and economic security of women workers.

This campaign is led by women trade union leaders in order to win concrete solutions and contribute to  new international labor standards and ultimately create power building roles for supplier unions, allied unions, women’s organizations, human rights organizations, and consumers in brand supplier producing and retail countries.

The purpose of the campaign is to target the supply chains of garment apparel brands in order to bring brands and their suppliers to the table with supplier unions to bargain and create changes on production lines at the industrial level as well as along global supply chains.  

Garment brands who have women dominated global supply chains must act on their responsibility to improve conditions for women workers in their global supply chains in collaboration with the worker organization that those women lead, including preventing gender-based violence and harassment. 

Women and trade union leaders who work on the global supply chains day in and day out know the problems — and they know the solutions to addressing the issues. Women garment workers have been organizing to bring major brands and suppliers to the table in order to create a new standard across global supply chains that demands a woman’s right to work with dignity, earn a living wage, freedom from gender based violence and the ability to join and lead worker organizations so they can provide for their families, be successful and thrive within their communities.

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