Senior Seafood Campaign Organizer

Organizational Background

Global Labor Justice- International Labor Rights Forum (GLJ-ILRF) brings strategic capacity to cross sectoral work on global value chains, capital markets, and labor migration corridors. GLJ-ILRF holds global corporations accountable for labor rights violations in their supply chains; advances policies and laws that protect decent work and just migration; and strengthens freedom of association, new forms of bargaining, and worker organizations.  

Position Summary

The Senior Seafood Campaign Organizer will be responsible for developing and leading campaigns to defend global worker rights and build worker power for workers on seafood supply chains including in the areas of labor, corporate and investor accountability, and labor migration. Our current campaigns focus on holding multinational corporations accountable for labor abuse on their supply chains, exposing corporate social responsibility models that fail to improve real working conditions, and defending the right to organize for all workers with special attention to migrant workers.  

Responsibilities include developing strategy with partners, managing and coordinating campaign and negotiation teams, and building programs with unions that expand membership, labor rights including freedom of association, and address retaliation.  

This Senior Seafood Campaign Organizer will report to the Deputy Director and works within the seafood supply chain department. The Senior Seafood Campaign Organizer will also collaborate with senior research, legal, and communications staff.   

Key Responsibilities

Develop and lead campaigns that defend labor rights and build worker power for seafood supply chain workers. 

  • Plan and execute a sophisticated and winning campaign strategies by working with partners in Thailand, Taiwan, and other countries in the region along with GLJ-ILRF staff, and allies.
  • Coordinate campaign messaging, traditional media work, mass communications, and digital organizing with GLJ-ILRF’s communications department.
  • Work with partners to move the campaign forward. This may include joint strategy meetings, joint actions or other events, relationship building, etc.
  • Plan for and provide anti-retaliation support to partners and union leaders and members who come  under threat for organizing including rapid cross organizational responses to retaliation.
  • Lead with a learning mentality including regular assessment and adjustment of campaigns.  
  • Collaborate with the U.S. field coordinator on building and maintaining strategic partnerships with labor and allies at the city, state, and national level.  

Develop and deepen key strategic long-term partnerships with unions, federations, and independent worker organizations in the sector. 

  • Build and maintain trust and mutual learning while developing and executing shared strategy that follows the lead of base organizations and also remains true to GLJ-ILRF’s organizational goals and mission.  
  • Develop and implement capacity building with partners and allies that contributes to winning campaigns and core organizational strength. 
  • Track changes in the sector and identify trends and emerging opportunities to move key issues and new potential campaigns including debunking corporate social responsibility approaches that do not improve working conditions. 

Represent GLJ-ILRF in key global labor and policy spaces related to the sector.  

  • Represent GLJ-ILRF in key consultative and campaign spaces in coordination with other staff.    
  • Understand and align the different interests of ally organizations and work to  build strong alliances with aligned groups to support the core goals of our partners and of GLJ-ILRF to advance specific campaigns.  
  • Collaborate with legal and policy staff on U.S., European, and global policy campaigns in national, regional, and global labor and human rights spaces with a focus on aligning the priorities of base organizations. 
  • Build and maintain long-term alliances with sister ally organizations in the U.S., Asia, and Europe focused on sector, supply chain, and issue.   

Competencies and Qualifications:

  • 10+ years’ experience in organizing campaigns related to labor, corporate accountability, and/or human rights including experience developing strategy and coordinating activities.  
  • Experience working on global supply chains in the seafood sector or comparable supply chains including with an anti-racist and gender justice approach.
  • Specific, measurable wins from coalition-based corporate and/or policy campaigns.
  • Strong research, writing, communication, and coalition-building skills.  
  • Comfort responding quickly and balancing priorities. 
  • High level of organization, self- direction, and strong attention to detail.
  • Deep commitment to working in alliance with unions and partner organizations in Asia and skilled at doing that from a global North organization. 
  • Commitment to working as a team player – collaborating across projects, communicating clearly, and contributing to strengthening the organization.
  • Sense of humor in order to maintain perspective and balance.
  • Able to travel in the U.S. and globally to build the program and organization.
  • Willingness to work during non-traditional business hours to accommodate time zones of staff and partners.  

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience bargaining or negotiating agreements with employers, brands, political officials.
  • Experience in managing campaign teams with SMART goals. 
  • Experience with corporate and financial accountability research.
  • Knowledge and experience of regional and global labor and human rights accountability mechanisms.
  • Experience organizing workplace actions, demonstrations, creative actions, and educational events.
  • Experience with digital campaigning.
  • Experience as a trainer, workshop leader, and public speaker on the global economy.
  • Knowledge of the political, economic, and labor contexts in Southeast and East Asia or willingness to learn.
  • Southeast or East Asian language skills a plus.

Job status: Full-time, exempt, member of IFPTE Local 70 Bargaining Unit

Salary Range: $77,000- $90,000 plus benefits including full medical coverage for employee and family.

Supervisor: Deputy Director

Location: Washington, D.C. or Asia with remote option.

GLJ- ILRF is an equal opportunity employer and actively recruits women, people of color, persons with disabilities, and persons with diverse gender and sexual identities. This description does not constitute an employment contract, implied or otherwise.