Seafood Supply Chain Consultancy: Indonesia and South Korea


GLJ-ILRF is seeking a consultant who will be responsible for conducting a diagnostic assessment on the seafood industry in South Korea and Indonesia. This diagnostic assessment will consist of consultations and a written report that will inform and guide the Seafood Working Group’s expansion to one of the two countries.  To support this work, GLJ-ILRF has undertaken consultations with relevant organizations in the region and conducted preliminary research into the seafood industry in both countries. The diagnostic assessment will build on this preliminary work by (1) providing more comprehensive analysis of the seafood industry and related labor rights context and (2) outlining a policy advocacy and/or corporate campaign strategy with specific partner organization for each country. 

The consultancy is approximately 30 days total of work (15 days per country) beginning as soon as possible.  Given the expertise in Indonesia and South Korea required for this posting, an application may be from one person or a consultant team of two people.

Remote work as needed due to Covid-19; preference for candidates currently based in South Korea or Indonesia.  

Key Responsibilities

  1. Undertake desk research and interviews with frontline organizations in the two countries and international experts to write a report that provides an overview of the seafood industry and key stakeholders in South Korea and Indonesia. The report should include a general profile of the labor market, employers and buyers, unions and civil society organizations, legislative and regulatory environment, and institutions and initiatives to address human rights challenges in the seafood sectors in these countries.
  2. In collaboration with GLJ-ILRF, develop at least two case studies outlining an advocacy approach or campaign for the Seafood Working Group to pursue in each country or transnationally.   


  • Significant knowledge and/or experience working on labor issues in the global seafood industry. 
  • Understanding of human rights issues in South Korea and/or Indonesia.
  • Experience in human rights research, methodology, and advocacy.
  • Experience working with labor unions, worker organizations, and/or in conceptualizing corporate campaigns.
  • Ability to quickly produce high-quality written work that requires minimal editing.
  • Korean and/or Bahasa language skills.

Applications considered on a rolling basis until consultant(s) are identified.  


Led by GLJ-ILRF, the Seafood Working Group (SWG) is a global coalition of human rights, labor rights, and environmental organizations working to end forced labor in the global seafood industry by pushing for legal and policy reform and greater corporate accountability. Based on the interests of SWG members, the coalition is transitioning into a regional working group during 2020-2022 with strategies to influence key stakeholders in Thailand, Taiwan and at least one other country in the region. The formation of a regional SWG and implementation of national and transnational advocacy and campaigning across Southeast and East Asia will ensure that migrant seafood workers’ rights are better protected in both the region and global supply chains.