Chilean Casino and Hotel Workers Sign Historic National Agreement with the Largest Casino Operator in the Country

Last week, Chilean casino and hotel workers announced a historic national agreement with Enjoy, the largest casino operator in the country. The agreement commits the company to safeguard jobs, to establish a waiting list that prioritizes workers who have lost their jobs during the pandemic in future hires, and to a process that allows FENASICAJH, the National Federation of Casino Unions of Gaming and Hotels of Chile, oversee the implementation of health protocols at the national level.

“Even in this global pandemic and crisis, our national federation of casino and hotel workers has strengthened our leadership and achieved important growth in Chile thanks to the unity and commitment of several unions. And we’ve reached an important new milestone as a federation, signing our first ever national agreement with Enjoy Casinos. The agreement protects our jobs and gives us an official channel to make sure health protocols are followed. We hope this collaboration extends soon to the other casino operators in Chile, as well as other unions. We’ve shown that through unity we can achieve great things.” – Pamela Oliden, Croupier from Enjoy Antofagasta and leader in FENASICAJH.

GJL-ILRF, in partnership with UNI Americas has been providing strategic campaign support to Fenasicajh and Contracops as they build worker power and win the historic victory job security provision and health and safety protections for workers in the casino sector impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and shutdown.

“Chilean casino workers are leading the way on how to organize during the pandemic. Other casinos operators should take note and sign with the federation,” Jacob Horwitz, Field Director of GLJ-ILRF.

In spite of a public health crisis and severe economic insecurity in Chile, workers continue resisting the country’s neoliberal political and economic model and fighting for public policies aimed at redistributing wealth and increasing democratic participation.